Bumblebeee (Summer Solstice)

Kasabian Explain Their Live Shows’ Cryptic Messages

Les-tah lads Kasabian have clarified fans’ confusion over the bizarre words that beam behind them during current live shows.

Flashing up at last month’s epic homecoming gig in Leicester and when they headlined Glastonbury, words randomly appearing on their stage screen included Canister, Voucher and Cordial.

Speaking to MTV News in a Leicester Square cinema before the premiere of their Summer Solstice film with Sony Xperia Access, frontmen Serge Pizzorno and Tom Meighan insisted the messaging is not subliminal.

“They’re words that I use and Serge use that are in-jokes,” revealed singer Tom.

Songwriter Serge continued: “The word has to relate to us growing up, so things that we’d find funny. So imagine the best tune ever and behind the guitarist or singer is XR2i – that’s a dream. It’s not complicated or cryptic in any way.”



Kasabian on ‘unfinished business’ in America

The Leicester rockers hope to follow the Arctic Monkeys’ example to crack the country, says singer Tom Meighan.


“We’ve got unfinished business in America,” Kasabian’s Tom Meighan declares in the new issue of Hot Press. “Once that goes, the whole fucking thing goes. It’s not about the money, I don’t give a shit about the money. I didn’t have any money when I was kid and neither did my family. It’s not about that. It’s just to pop it and be like (shouts) ‘COME ON!’” 

Meighan also confirms, in conversation with Olaf Tyaransen, that his band are about to sign a record deal with a major label stateside.

"We’re getting play-listed loads on the radio over there with [new single] ‘Eez-Eh’ and we never had that kind of exposure before, which is fantastic. I just hope we go over there and it goes alright."

Given how many big British bands – including The Stone Roses and Oasis – have failed to conquer the US, Meighan is realistic about the tough task ahead, and says they are learning from the recent example set by Alex Turner and his Sheffield lot.

“It’s a difficult market,” he concedes. “The Arctic Monkeys taught that to me. If you want to conquer America, you’ve got to commit yourself. They moved there and got on that American vibe, didn’t they? Leather jackets and shit. Fair play to them, though, they toured it for like eight, nine months and that’s a commitment.”

For the full interview – with drugs, celebrity and… Thomas The Tank Engine all on the agenda – pick up the new issue of Hot Press (Longitude), on sale now

Hot Press

They have scans of the whole article. Download them and read, it’s a beautiful interview.